Automatic Semi-Auto Winding machine

This machine is mainly used for the precision winding of prismatic power battery.



Technology Index:

The dia. Of winding needle: ϕ4 (standard), ϕ3.5;

Separator width: 30 ~ 60 mm (can be customized)

Electrode width : 33 ~ 60 mm; (can be customized)

Electrode length: 300 ~ 1500 mm; (can be customized)

Winding  Dia: ϕ14-26mm; (can be customized )

Separator Dia: ϕ76 mm (3inch), Max Dia: ϕ250 mm;

The width of terminated tape: 10 ~  40 mm;

Terminated tape circle: 0.2-1.5 circle


Tension of separator is adjustable.

Tension of cathode and anode electrode: adopting  vac-sorb way.