About Us

Aero Incorpration is established in the year 2007 by Mr.N.Muralidharan with his expertise in the field of energy storage since 2000.

We have complete range of energy storage and power solutions. We are supporting engineers and scientists in the field of lithium Iron  Battery research and development.  We have complete solution for fabrication lithium battery like Coin cells, cylindrical cells and pouch cells of various designs and sizes of battery fabrication.  We have complete range of equipment from slurry preparation coating and fabrication apart from this.  We have complete raw materials.  We mostly have consumables in stock for quick support.

We have full expertise  in manufacturing of lithium Iron energy storage device in any form as per the customer requirement .  We have complete solution from designing to fabrication of above with proven technology and know how.

We have our principles and suppliers around the world to support

We hope you will not hesitate contact us for any support.