Vacuum Glove box

Vacuum Glove box is designed to work creating inert atmosphere by Purging Argon gas a substitute for Economy Glove box at one 3rd of Price.



Single sided glove box compartment with two glove ports.
Dimension: 1220mmL; 750mmD;900mmH
3-tier Stainless Steel Rack. (adjustable)
Vacuum pump, 8m3/h;
Butyl Rubber Gloves (1 pairs) & O’Rings
Touch Screen (Color) System as Central Operation Panel; includes automatic pressure control, automatic adjustable regeneration control, circulation control, H2 O /O2 readings and password protection.


  • Closed Loop Gas Recirculation System.
  • Regenerable H2 O/O2 purifier unit.
  • Single Column H2 O/O2 Purification System
  • Attainable purity <1ppm H2O, <1ppm O2.
  • Stainless Steel encapsulated blower with frequency converter.
  • Circulation capacity >55 cfm; at 60 mbar(60Hz)
  • Price rate start from 20000 USD/-