Roll to Roll Calendaring machine

It adopts constant Pressure and clearance Pressure way, can continuously press the intermittent coated battery electrode.  Stable Pressure, high rolling cylinder degrees, Pressing is uniformity,distortions is small.




Roll size: ϕ500mm×550mm.

Roll rev speed:  2~ 16 rpm, infinitely variable speeds are adjustable.

Max working pressure: 500KN-300KN

Power requirement: 380V\50Hz, power: 11KW

Air compression: pressure:  0.5Mpa~0.7Mpa, flow rate: 0.04M3\min;

Total weight off the machine: about 12 Ton;

Size of equipment (main part) L*W*H 3250mm×1300mm×2070mm

Size of production line: *W*H 6000mm×3250mm×2070mm