Inert Atmosphere Glove Box

Inert Atmosphere Glove Box suitable Solar/Lithium Ion Research for Argon/Nitrogen with the following specifications.





  • Single sided glove box compartment with three glove ports.
  • Dimension: 1500mmL; 750mmD;900mmH
  • 3-tier Stainless Steel Rack. (adjustable)
  • System comes with standard accessories – two high pressures flexible hose, hose clips fittings to connect to pressure regulators.
  • Vacuum pump, 8m3/h;
  • Butyl Rubber Gloves (3pairs) & O’Rings as required for 3 pairs
  • Standard power supply, 230Vac, 50/60Hz
  • Configured to maintain 1ppm of oxygen, 1ppm of moisture
  • Epoxy powder coated Surface Finish
  • Feed through for electrical and gas (to be finalized prior fabrication, Price rate start from 23000 USD/-