Automatic Roll to Roll Transfer Film Coating Machine with Drying Oven For Battery Electrodes



Laboratory coating machine is a new laboratory instrument developed in recent years. It is a successful innovation combining electrical control and mechanical organic. In the field of coating production, it can save a lot of raw materials and improve production technology. The key is to greatly improve the reproducibility of coating on the basis of experiments. It is specially designed and manufactured for the research and development and material inspection of battery materials in universities, research institutes and enterprise laboratories.

The equipment is mainly suitable for the coating process of positive and negative electrodes of lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide and lithium manganate.



The thickness of the running substrate  aluminum foil 11 ~ 30um; copper foil 8 ~ 30um;
The maximum width of coating  280mm
The maximum speed of mechanical transport  5m / min; Speed accuracy ± 0.1m / min
Coating speed >5m/min
Suitable for slurry viscosity  1500~15000 Cps Suitable for coating single-sided dry thickness 30~200μm
Coating accuracy  dry and thick double-sided precision error : <±0.004mm; dry thickness single-sided precision <±0.002mm
Coating alignment error on the front and back sides  <±0.5mm Average length error ≤±0.5mm
Coating roller accuracy  <±0.001mm, scraper is comma knife
Core diameter  3 inch shaft
Oven temperature control accuracy  < ± 3 ° C, drying oven temperature independent PID adjustable
Power  5.5 (KW)
Coating method  continuous coating
Can move  with 4 universal wheels
The weight  450KG